Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Legislation

We will follow all the regulations regarding privacy policy and data protection valid in the particular country concerning all Your personal information that we gather.

2. Data Processing

On different pages of You may be asked to enter personal information about Yourself. We do not use such information in other ways than in the way defined on the place where we make such request. All data collected is processed in the way and with the limitations stated in the Conditions.

3. Personal Data Withdrawal

You can ask for a withdrawal of Your personally identifiable data from our marketing database. If you want to do so, You (the owner of the product) have to make a request in the written form (from the e-mail address used at the registration of Your product) through the Contact page on Our website.

4. Change in the Personal Data

We strongly recommend the update of all personal data as it is used in the services related to Customer Care.

5. Registration

To be able to use Our services and products, You need to have a valid registration of This entitles You to run the products on the system. You have to enter valid e-mail address, a password and other personal data when registering.

You are fully and exclusively responsible for keeping Your password confidential as well as for the fact that no one else gets the access to Your account. All activities that have origin on Your account and/or authorized by Your password are on Your responsibility. Therefore we strongly recommend to keep the password and account information strictly confidential and not to share them with anybody. In case Your password and/or account is used in an unauthorized way, notify immediately in the written form from the e-mail address You used at the registration of Your product. To avoid the misuse of Your account, please make sure that You sign out each time You finish the session of Your product.